YOU are the Difference

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YOU are the Difference

It was something of a revelation for me when I realized that I am not here to make a difference.  I had spent most of my adult life with the idea of making a difference.  Then the opportunity hit me – the opportunity to be in conversation with someone else who was also here to make a difference.  I wanted to know how she was going to go about it when it suddenly struck me that it isn’t in the doing that matters.  Like most other meaningful things, it is in the BEING.  I am not here to make a difference.  I am here to BE THE DIFFERENCE.

I speak fairly regularly on the subject of emotional intelligence and positive psychology.  I am considered by some to be part of the “woo woo” crowd.  I am in league with the people who talk about Universe and Energy and Creating Your Own Reality…the kind of stuff that sometimes makes the conventional world a little nervous.  It’s okay, I am not here to argue and I enjoy being someone who appreciates others just as they are.  I have a huge amount of faith in things being the way they are for a purpose (not always the same as a reason),  while I still enjoy pondering possibilities of  where we might be going next.

So, back to the question – how do I make a difference?  How does anyone make a difference?  My best conclusion is; By being the difference.  Ghandi said it and I have read it a thousand times “be the change you wish to see in the world”…and yet what that really meant still didn’t strike home on a deep enough level for me to really feel its meaning.  Sometimes we need to get out of our analytical brains and just let things sink in a little deeper. 

Want a kinder world?  Be kind and see the kindness in others.  Want a world where people don’t judge and hold each other with regard?  You know what to do; build this in your own heart and mind first.  You may have to break through some (or a lot) of ideas and beliefs that you currently hold, but it will be worth it.  You might lose some friends and other people along the way but there will be more like you to find.  Lead by example.  Be the difference.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying.  You are up to YOU. 

YOU are the Difference.

Women change the world when they fully embrace who and what they are and refuse to be anything less.