Want World Peace? Educate Our Girls.

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Want World Peace?  Educate Our Girls.

There are children starving all over the world.  The largest and hungriest group starving are girls.  Many of them are not starving because their families can’t feed them, or because of lack of food.  Many will spend their whole lives in this weak and hopeless condition of constant hunger; making them dependent on others for their very survival.  They are starving, even when they are eating. 

What they are hungry for is knowledge.  Education.  A chance to learn.  To read, to write, to think beyond the walls of the barriers others have placed before them. There is freedom in education. There is power in knowledge. Learning creates choices.

A basic primary education is something taken for granted in the United States.  In fact, educating children is expected, assumed and unlawful to ignore.  Forcing our children out of bed in the morning and sending them to school (often against their will) is a daily occurrence all across our nation.  We do not decide who gets to go to school based on gender.  You live in the United States?  You go to school.  Period.  We feel entitled to this basic right, for ourselves and our children. 

What about the rest of the world?  What about the other children?  What about the millions of girls across this planet who are denied education simply because they are girls?  What becomes of them?  What is it like to be a little girl growing up in a world where education is a priviledge reserved for boys while you are told to spend your life in illiterate servitude?  Who would you tell?  How would you argue?  (Writing a letter is out of the question when you can’t even write your name). Who will be your voice? 

Why should we care?

If the simplified case for “doing the right thing” isn’t reason enough, here are some more;

Women make up at least half of the world’s population.  In the United States, we are coming to understand more every day that women not only make the majority of purchasing decisions, but that companies with women leaders and women board members are more successful and more profitable. Women owned business is the fastest growing business segment today.  Women make great, inclusive leaders. What’s more is that women use their wealth differently than men – they use it to better others and to better the world.   Women, as they gain in success, bring others along with them.  Women collaborate, connect and show the way for the next generation of daughters and sons.

By denying education for women, the world is denying itself from the opportunity of prosperity and world wide peace.  That is a big deal.

The next time we think about those other people in other countries and the problem of starvation, let’s be clear and really think about how solve the unspoken hunger that is holding peace progress back.  Starving tomorrow’s women of education and knowledge has a profound effect on the entire world.   Want a peaceful world?  Educate and support women.

Here is a great place to start:  Check out Razia Jan at https://heroes.cnn.com/ and vote today and every day until the contest ends…want to make a real impact?  You can vote 10 times per day, per email address and facebook…and you can invite your friends to vote as well. 

As Razia Jan says of the girls she risks her life for every day in order to provide them love and education:  “These girls must be educated. Once knowledge is learned, it can never be stolen.”

Women change the world when they share their knowledge with others and grow the next generation of amazing women.