Start Something!

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Start Something!

and to start a blog in mid-sentence is poor English and somewhat confusing to the reader.

Wouldn’t you agree?  Me too – but I’m not going to let anything get in my way today…not even the challenge of not knowing where or how to start. 

Writing a blog article is an interesting process most days.  And then there are the other days.  The days when you sit down with a whirlwind of ideas and none of them come out in a sensible form and so you sit and wait for some semblance of order to materialize.  Sometimes it comes.  Others times it doesn’t and the first sentence becomes the hardest one to write.

Life can be like that too.  You get a yearning, a calling, an urging to get going and do something else, something important, something that you will look back on and know your time was spent in high value but the ideas get mixed together and the start line doesn’t magically appear and so you sit in limbo – a special kind of stuckness full of “reasons” of why you can’t get going. What do you do?  Trust yourself.  Start something.  Start in mid-sentence if the first part is too elusive.  Just start.  Make a move.  Break the mold of stuckness.  Once you are in motion, it is easier to alter your direction and make adjustments.  Align yourself with good intention, take a deep breath and…Start something.  Every decision to break out of stuckness and into action will get you that much closer to where you are going.

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