Running Towards the Explosion

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Running Towards the Explosion

Something horrible and unthinkable happened to the people in the world this week.  Evil struck at the finish line of the Boston Marathon – bombs went off and innocent people were killed and injured; many critically.  Shock and horror hit in an instant.  Fear, anger and disbelief quickly followed.  Love was hot on their heels.  This atrocity happened just yesterday, but love is on the lips of everyone I spoke to today.  I don’t kid myself into thinking we are responding today with love because we are Americans (that is a nice patriotic thought, but why limit love to a citizenship?).  We are loving human beings.  Loving human beings exist ALL OVER THE PLANET.  The hateful hearted who set off bombs and injure others in other countries have not dampened the love of the people there who run towards the explosions – even when explosions aren’t as rare as they are here.   Hateful actions happen all over the world – but Love is always there and is so much stronger.

Love was in the hearts of the amazing people we saw in the Boston videos yesterday.  It was in the video of the tragedy that happened on 9-11.  It is in every video we have ever seen of a terrible incident (plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunami’s and more);  there are always people who run towards the explosions seconds after they happened to help the wounded and lessen the danger for others.  Love was in the hearts and blood of the people who ran to the hospitals to donate immediately for transfusion to people they didn’t even know who had been injured.  Love is in the hearts, muscles and lungs of the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets in their own hometowns yesterday and today to go running in their own neighborhoods, their own communities, as a show of support and solidarity with the good people and their families who were senselessly hurt at the finish line yesterday.

Love is 100 times more powerful than hate.

There are many more good people in the world than bad people and the good people ALWAYS persevere.

Hate showed itself at an annual iconic celebratory event – but the love of people who run towards an explosion to help others was greater, stronger, and everlasting.

Love is, after all, the most effective and most powerful way to combat hate and it always wins.

Keep sending love.  Don’t let hate get a second of your time, your energy, your thoughts, your heart.

Hate lives in the hearts of a few in the world (a very small percentage when held up to people with good will in their hearts).  This is not new – it has existed throughout history.  Don’t let them have anymore of you and don’t let them gain even an inch with creating hatred in you.

Sending love now and always to those amazing people who run towards the explosion to help others!  (Ain’t nobody got no time for the others!)