Mentoring Magic

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Mentoring Magic

Behind every successful woman, you will find….. what?

That is a great question to ask as you look to improve your own life and level of success.  What do you need?   What will support you, motivate you and increase your opportunities?  My answer?  A mentor.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone else with more experience, connections and knowledge who can help guide you on your way.  It is someone who wants to see you rise above where you are at and be part of your greatness solution.  It is someone who is willing to spend time and energy to listen and understand…and then help you move past where you are at through providing connections, advice or through leading by example.

A mentor is not someone who solves your problems or tells you what to do or pays your bills or makes excuses for you.

So, where do you find a mentor?  That depends on what you want one for.


Some common areas of mentorship are personal and business help. (there are also spiritual mentors and education mentors too!).  Check out more info at

Personal:  If you are looking for a mentor to help you in your personal life, seek out someone who embodies the kind of person you most want to be.  There are some great mentoring programs being offered through organizations like AZ Foundation for Women’s Live & Learn program.

Business:  If you are looking for a business mentor and are a business owner, get yourself to your local National Association of Women Business Owners chapter and join.  If you are in the Phoenix area, you can apply for an award winning mentoring program that is free to members!  Check it out at

If you are an employee and looking for a mentor to help you advance your career, take a look at the leaders in your organization and ask your human resources department to help you locate a successful higher level person who may be willing to help.

Find those people that can show you the way and start a conversation.  Be super respectful of their time and don’t take it personally if they aren’t able to help you right now.  Find ways to be of service to others and keep your connections positive.  Ask yourself what it is about the people you admire that makes them admirable to you.  Emulate those traits.

Can’t find the right mentor?  Find help for yourself.  Try this book: Be Your Own Mentor: Strategies from Top Women on the Secrets of Success  by Sheila Wellington and Betty Spence.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.  You are worth the effort and the world needs your best!

Want to be a mentor?  That is GREAT…and that is another blog post to come…