Meet Lilia; Compassionate, Action Leader!

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Meet Lilia; Compassionate, Action Leader!

We need more strong, compassionate, intelligent and action-oriented women in leadership.  Anyone who has met me for longer than five minutes knows that this is my passion.  I spend the majority of my professional life in the circles of women who are changing the world, so, it is no surprise that I am often introduced through mutual connections to amazing women who aspire to bigger leadership roles.  Today was a particularly special meeting for me because the person I got to spend the morning with isn’t only aspiring to be a great leader, she already is one and she is reaching out for more.  I am honored to be among her supporters;  her name is Lilia Alvarez.  She is running for the Board of County Supervisors in the 2012 election. 

Now, anyone who has known me more than ten minutes can tell you that I am not a politically motivated person and, in fact, generally do not regularly keep company with politicians. Ifind the current state of the AZ political scene to be frustrating at best. Lilia is an exception for me.  She is not a “politician”, she is a compassionate, articulate, relevant, action oriented, highly intelligent leader who is living every day by her VALUES of integrity and respect.  She is not financially motivated and she has the rare ability to truly be present with others, listen to differing opinions, valuing the input of all sides and finding clarity before taking action that addresses the human factor first.  She is one of the few politicians I have met who truly does care and works hard every day to stay connected to the people she serves, the actual people in her district.

Changing the world through compassion, community and leadership are at the core of all I do and my life’s purpose.  I found a kindred spirit in Lilia and for the first time in a long time I am excited about the possibility of what changes at the decision making level could be made with Lilia holding a seat at the table.

Want to know more?  I encourage you to contact her and invite her to come share with your groups.  I am definitely inviting her to all of mine.  She is someone we all can be proud to be connected with.

Women Changing the World – Lilia is one of them!