Living as Part of the Solution

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Living as Part of the Solution

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

I remember hearing that a long, long time ago and feeling the intended spark of responsibility start to grow within me.  It was the time that I started to realize that being part of the solution required something of me – it required more than a conscious choice; it demanded action.  Doing nothing was part of the problem.  It is not enough to mindfully do nothing to contribute to the problem.  I mindfully do not take more than my share, do not intentionally hurt others, do not throw trash on the ground, do not put chemicals down the sink, do not consciously waste resources by over purchasing, over spending, over consuming, etc.  These are non actions that are part of living in integrity with my values, but they are not enough to turn the tide and to create and promote SOLUTIONS.  It is not enough to sit back, do less and expect progress to happen.

Instead of not taking more than our share, what if we simplified further and gave away everything we do not actually use to someone else who would benefit from it?

What if instead of not intentionally hurting someone else, we go out of our way to help someone else; even people we don’t know and who won’t even know it was us?

Instead of only conscientiously putting trash in the recycle bin, what if we paid attention to packaging, to what we actually need and we made less trash to start with?

Instead of disposing of hazardous chemicals properly, let’s choose to purchase products that are non-hazardous to begin with – reducing toxins in our own lives and reducing the poisons being released into the world.

Instead of not wasting resources, what if we figured out how to live well on less, reducing our resource footprint and encouraged others to do the same?  Reuse, recycle, share, donate, team up to get free from the trap of thinking we need bigger, better, more in order to feel successful, wealthy or worthy.

These ideas take effort and action and while they seem like something else to spend our time and energy on, once you make them part of your life, you just might be surprised at how much space and energy they free up for you to live a healthier, happier, more peaceful life as part of the SOLUTION to a healthier, happier world.

What are you doing today that is contributing to the problems and what can you do not only to stop, but to reverse the damage?

What if you were brave enough to look at even tougher problems and see how doing nothing was allowing them to continue to exist? What if by taking action, signing a petition, making a donation, taking a stand, volunteering your time, energy, talent, you could help change the world?  Think bigger.

What would it take to end world hunger? Violence again women? Bullying? Extreme poverty? Human trafficking?  When the problems seem too big, it is common to stop and feel powerless – but that is where we are wrong.  That is where doing nothing makes us all part of the problem, not part of the solution.    Feeling powerless is part of the problem.  Don’t allow it, don’t accept it, don’t buy in to the idea that the problems are too big, or that you are too busy, or don’t have the time, energy, resources, etc to be part of a bigger solution.   Don’t put off being part of the solution to another more convenient time (there isn’t one).  Being part of the problem is not serving you, or anyone else.  It is not fueling you, it is not growing you or improving your life.  Take an action towards a bigger solution and release yourself from the growing ache and underlying guilt that comes with inaction and being part of the problem.  Your heart will thank you; and the world will be a better place.

Women change the world when they are willing to take personal responsibility for their actions and inactions and insist on being part of the solution.