I Give Up!

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I Give Up!

Three words that most people have never heard me say.  I GIVE UP!  But right now, right here, I am ready to concede.

The leader of my own life and the leader of inspiration to others, I have decided to quit.

I am stopping.  I am dropping the ball.  I am resigning.

I invite you to join me in this defeat.

So, what exactly are we doing in this new movement calling me to cease?

I give up my need to think that I can control or change others.

I resign any belief that I have the right answer.

I concede any temptation to blame someone else, or some circumstance for where I am today, or where I am not.

I quit focusing on why something won’t work, and find a way that it can.

I am dropping the ball on holding other people’s opinions of my and how I “should” be as more important than my own opinion and love for myself.

I now stop any idea of “perfection” if it means that I am somehow not good enough to be what I want to be – because I most certainly am.  Not tomorrow, not after my next accomplishment, my next pound lost, my next haircut, my next degree earned, my next promotion.  I am good enough right now.  AND SO ARE YOU.

The defeated voice of fear is now defeated.

It feels amazing to be a quitter!

Women change the world when they accept who and what they are and refuse to be anything less!