How Old are You Now?

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How Old are You Now?

I found myself walking up to the gates of the mecca of childhood memories; the Magic Kingdom.  The happiest place on Earth.  Home of Mickey Mouse and his make believe friends dreamed up by a genius many years ago – the one and only Walt Disney.  This wasn’t a dream – this was my 46th birthday present  given to me by my husband.  A day of play.  A day to be a kid again.  A day to return to the land of imagination. A full day at Disneyland to indulge the child within!

When is the last time you took the time to connect to your inner child and let her/him run wild?  I highly recommend this practice on a regular basis.

I spend much of my time leading teams, solving problems, growing businesses, thinking strategically, collaborating with others to create positive change in the world and in ourselves.  There is structure and planning and attention to the details as a regular part of my busy schedule.  While I completely enjoy what I am doing in my life, there comes a time when the goal is to simply PLAY.

So there I stood, at the gates.  I could hear the music inside and could see the Mickey Mouse flowerbed just beyond the turnstiles that would grant us access.  I looked at my husband with anticipation (this was a trip he had planned without letting me know where we were going) and I felt my eyes fill with tears.  Suddenly confused he asked  “Why are you crying?” 

It had happened.  The little girl who lives inside my heart was awake and alive.  She knew where she was.  She knew that just beyond those gates would be the ultimate playground with the brilliance of Walt Disney come to life and she would get to be there ALL DAY until she was too tired to continue.  She could hardly stay contained and so my eyes filled with tears of excitement. 

“I have to warn you”, I said, “the first few minutes in the Magic Kingdom I will cry, but it is just pure happiness and the freedom to let go of my grown up self and just be a kid again.”  He smiled and knew that he was in for a day like no other.

He was. We were.  We both were 40 years younger on my birthday this year.

The moral to this story?  When you get the chance to play, play full out.  Be where you are in all of its glory.  Let go.  Be a kid.  I was the only child over three feet tall waiting for my picture with Pluto that day and it is a moment I thoroughly enjoyed.

Want to work hard and change the world?  Play even harder so you will have the joy and release you need to take on the bigger  things when the time comes back around again…it makes a difference – cross my heart and pinky promise!

Women change the world when they embrace the child within; accepting her, nurturing her and letting her play!