Living as Part of the Solution

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Living as Part of the Solution

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

I remember hearing that a long, long time ago and feeling the intended spark of responsibility start to grow within me.  It was the time that I started to realize that being part of the solution required something of me – it required more than a conscious choice; it demanded action.  Doing nothing was part of the problem.  It is not enough to mindfully do nothing to contribute to the problem.  I mindfully do not take more than my share, do not intentionally hurt others, do not throw trash on the ground, do not put chemicals down the sink, do not consciously waste resources by over purchasing, over spending, over consuming, etc.  These are non actions that are part of living in integrity with my values, but they are not enough to turn the tide and to create and promote SOLUTIONS.  It is not enough to sit back, do less and expect progress to happen.

Instead of not taking more than our share, what if we simplified further and gave away everything we do not actually use to someone else who would benefit from it?

What if instead of not intentionally hurting someone else, we go out of our way to help someone else; even people we don’t know and who won’t even know it was us?

Instead of only conscientiously putting trash in the recycle bin, what if we paid attention to packaging, to what we actually need and we made less trash to start with?

Instead of disposing of hazardous chemicals properly, let’s choose to purchase products that are non-hazardous to begin with – reducing toxins in our own lives and reducing the poisons being released into the world.

Instead of not wasting resources, what if we figured out how to live well on less, reducing our resource footprint and encouraged others to do the same?  Reuse, recycle, share, donate, team up to get free from the trap of thinking we need bigger, better, more in order to feel successful, wealthy or worthy.

These ideas take effort and action and while they seem like something else to spend our time and energy on, once you make them part of your life, you just might be surprised at how much space and energy they free up for you to live a healthier, happier, more peaceful life as part of the SOLUTION to a healthier, happier world.

What are you doing today that is contributing to the problems and what can you do not only to stop, but to reverse the damage?

What if you were brave enough to look at even tougher problems and see how doing nothing was allowing them to continue to exist? What if by taking action, signing a petition, making a donation, taking a stand, volunteering your time, energy, talent, you could help change the world?  Think bigger.

What would it take to end world hunger? Violence again women? Bullying? Extreme poverty? Human trafficking?  When the problems seem too big, it is common to stop and feel powerless – but that is where we are wrong.  That is where doing nothing makes us all part of the problem, not part of the solution.    Feeling powerless is part of the problem.  Don’t allow it, don’t accept it, don’t buy in to the idea that the problems are too big, or that you are too busy, or don’t have the time, energy, resources, etc to be part of a bigger solution.   Don’t put off being part of the solution to another more convenient time (there isn’t one).  Being part of the problem is not serving you, or anyone else.  It is not fueling you, it is not growing you or improving your life.  Take an action towards a bigger solution and release yourself from the growing ache and underlying guilt that comes with inaction and being part of the problem.  Your heart will thank you; and the world will be a better place.

Women change the world when they are willing to take personal responsibility for their actions and inactions and insist on being part of the solution.


Being Who YOU Are

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Being Who YOU Are

Current news is full of stark reminders of the temporary and fragile state of everything around us; including us.   First responders killed in the line of duty, a tornado that decimated homes and took innocent lives with little warning.  It takes very little paying attention to have the realization of loss and unfairness of tragedies like these to be known.

We see people hurting and we want to help.  Especially people right here in our community, our own country.  They are like us.  We relate.  We feel a sameness that spurs us into seeing them as real and the connection made through that relatability makes it easier for us to feel their pain and reach out to help.

We are connected.  We care.  We are also misguided and falling short when it takes a tragedy close to home, a big news story pushed into our narrow focus of the pain of people who look like us, who speak our language, or who live within our borders to wake us up and make human suffering real.

Tragedy on our own land is terrible; but it is not more terrible than any other.  There is no contest on whose suffering is the greatest; or the most important.  One person’s suffering is not made less important by location or nationality or lack of media attention.

I dream of a world without empathy borders.  A dream of a world where we not only care, but we reach out to help others regardless of their location on our planet.  I dream of a world where all humans are actually regarded as valuable, regardless of the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the government that rules the land they were born on.  I dream of a world where we don’t go back to sleep refusing to see or care about people we can not see, or sit back and wait for someone else to do something worthwhile to care for the people who don’t look, talk, or live like us.

If it takes a local tragedy to make us see we are connected to people we don’t personally know, then can we take that and expand it to all humans?  All geographic areas?  All ages, genders, nationalities?  Can we not see all humans as valuable and worthy of our care, compassion, and our courage to help?  While we are sending love, prayers, resources and encouragement to those that are easier to relate to, can we also include those that we have (up until now) not spent much time thinking about?  I know we can’t be everywhere at once physically. but what about energetically?  What if just including all of human suffering in our good will would be enough to start to open the gate to healing everywhere and breaking down empathy borders?

I am an American, but more than that I am a Global Citizen.  I am a woman.  I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, aunt, business owner, volunteer, leader… but who I am is deeper than thatWho I am is an incredible miracle of matter come to life housing a loving soul and a connection to others, to nature, to life; all of it; everywhere.  That miracle of matter come to life is temporary, so while I am here, I will use this physical state to express my loving soul and connection to all that is without borders.  All human suffering matters and is connected to us that are human.

Who are you?  Are you truly being who YOU are?  Are you a global citizen who simply doesn’t know how to reach out to those you can’t see?  Would you like some help?


A Common Thread

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A Common Thread

Finding your purpose and passion seems to be something that many people seem to be looking for (well, those who haven’t found it yet, of course).

I often get asked by clients to help me find theirs.  This is a harder task than helping someone find their lost keys, or a new dress, or the answer to an algebra problem.  Here is the reason: Your passion and purpose can only be discovered, found, seen, and so-by-named by you.  I can have duplicate keys made, I can have a new dress designed, and I can find a math whiz to work the algebra formula…but to find what lights the eternal fire of another human being is truly only possible in that one and only human being who searches for it.

Nothing like taking on an impossible job, right?  I do love a challenge…

So, while I can not look into your eyes and clearly see your answers there, I do have some hints to help you on your search – and I know they can work because I have even used them myself.

First, I look for common threads among the things that I am naturally drawn to.  What causes get me excited?  What do I feel strongly about?  What kind of story makes me cry, or laugh?

Then, I think back to times where I felt completely at home within myself and find what was going on around me then.  Who was with me?  What was I doing?  Where was I?  What was special about that memory?

I imagine what changes might create a better world, a better experience, a happier existence for me or someone or something else.  I let myself feel what it would be like if that change had already taken place.

I catch myself from the voices of self doubt that tell me what is not possible and instead sit without judgment.   I let my curiosity take over and see how I fit into this picture and new scene developing in my mind.

Finally, I gather all of these different things which at first glance look pretty scattered, and then I look for common threads.

Given enough examples and time to let them link together, I start to unravel the sense of purpose and passion that surrounds these possibilities.

Here is what I learned about myself through this exercise:

Service.  I am happiest when in service for the greater good of others.  I enjoy being part of a solution that creates happiness and success for someone else.

Freedom.  I like being the decision maker.  I do not shy away from personal responsibility.  I like having a cause that I am willing to stand up for.

Creativity.  I like to solve problems and create new solutions.  I like trying new things, having new experiences, seeing progress.

So, while my bio (have you been to the about me page? Hey – no laughing!) may appear to some to be overly busy, spread too thin, having too many balls in the air to juggle, I have a different view.  There is a common thread through everything I do.   My life is centered on my expression of my purpose and passion which is to be of service, to find new solutions and lead the charge for a better tomorrow.  Many expressions of the same passion and purpose in a few very important places where I can make a significant and sustainable difference.

What are your common threads that can lead you to your own passion and purpose?



Running Towards the Explosion

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Running Towards the Explosion

Something horrible and unthinkable happened to the people in the world this week.  Evil struck at the finish line of the Boston Marathon – bombs went off and innocent people were killed and injured; many critically.  Shock and horror hit in an instant.  Fear, anger and disbelief quickly followed.  Love was hot on their heels.  This atrocity happened just yesterday, but love is on the lips of everyone I spoke to today.  I don’t kid myself into thinking we are responding today with love because we are Americans (that is a nice patriotic thought, but why limit love to a citizenship?).  We are loving human beings.  Loving human beings exist ALL OVER THE PLANET.  The hateful hearted who set off bombs and injure others in other countries have not dampened the love of the people there who run towards the explosions – even when explosions aren’t as rare as they are here.   Hateful actions happen all over the world – but Love is always there and is so much stronger.

Love was in the hearts of the amazing people we saw in the Boston videos yesterday.  It was in the video of the tragedy that happened on 9-11.  It is in every video we have ever seen of a terrible incident (plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunami’s and more);  there are always people who run towards the explosions seconds after they happened to help the wounded and lessen the danger for others.  Love was in the hearts and blood of the people who ran to the hospitals to donate immediately for transfusion to people they didn’t even know who had been injured.  Love is in the hearts, muscles and lungs of the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets in their own hometowns yesterday and today to go running in their own neighborhoods, their own communities, as a show of support and solidarity with the good people and their families who were senselessly hurt at the finish line yesterday.

Love is 100 times more powerful than hate.

There are many more good people in the world than bad people and the good people ALWAYS persevere.

Hate showed itself at an annual iconic celebratory event – but the love of people who run towards an explosion to help others was greater, stronger, and everlasting.

Love is, after all, the most effective and most powerful way to combat hate and it always wins.

Keep sending love.  Don’t let hate get a second of your time, your energy, your thoughts, your heart.

Hate lives in the hearts of a few in the world (a very small percentage when held up to people with good will in their hearts).  This is not new – it has existed throughout history.  Don’t let them have anymore of you and don’t let them gain even an inch with creating hatred in you.

Sending love now and always to those amazing people who run towards the explosion to help others!  (Ain’t nobody got no time for the others!)

April is YOUR Time to GROW!

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April is YOUR Time to GROW!

What if you could spend one short weekend and completely expand the way you see yourself in the world?

What if you spent just two days immersed in the bigger picture of humanity and actually could see where you fit in the entire big puzzle?

What if in just 16 hours of time you could shift your view from local to global and back again and feel your connection to the entire world; taking that with you forward into the future?

What if I could offer you a safe and encouraging place to explore your greatness; allowing yourself to see yourself bigger than ever before and truly play full out into the amazing possibility that is you?

What if you took this new expanded version of you and used it to make the world a better place?

What if you could change the world just by being your best, bigger self?

Come with me.  April 12 – 14, 2013 in North Phoenix.  The next training weekend for the World Academy For the Future of Women is upon us.  You are invited.

There is no better time than right now to allow your greatness to expand.

Email me.  You are invited.

Women Change the World by embracing their strengths, compassion, and leadership without hesitation, reservation or apology.