Capacity; direction; influence; administration; decision maker; guidance.

Women changing the world means that we need more women leaders.

Imagine a world with more compassionate, community minded women leaders leading the way. I am here to help that come about.

Here is where you can find me doing just that:

Summit Alliance Solutions https://www.summitalliancesolutions.com

This is the parent company that I lead all of my other business endeavors through.  I created this organization to be the engine of leadership, connection and change through workshops, coaching, and business to business relationship management. This is where I coach clients one-on-one and where you can find me presenting workshops and facilitating groups for small business mentoring.  It was through the creation of Summit Alliance Solutions that the road was paved for the rest of my leadership opportunities to travel on.  This is at the heart of my world –  supporting innovative, strategic and collaborative relationships that provide resources and solutions combined with the problem solving of a certified coach to help drive action plans and results.

NAWBO National – NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development


Only 3% of women owned businesses bring in over $1 million a year in annual revenue. That number needs to get bigger. Step into the Circle of women who get it – women who are in the top 3% of women business owners from across the Nation.  The NAWBO Circle is an annual program for Premier level NAWBO members whose businesses have $1 million or more in annual revenue. The Circle was developed to connect these women together, to learn from each other, to learn together from top level experts, and to continue to grow other women as well.  I was on the development team of the NAWBO Circle as a NAWBO National Board Member and am now the very excited, focused and fortunate Program Director.  With a long list of benefits and advantages to program participants, the NAWBO Circle continues to double in size each year and is connecting top level women business owners for a stronger future.


NAWBO Phoenix https://www.nawbophx.org and https://www.nawbo.org

The National Association of Women Business Owners has been the voice for women owned businesses in Washington for the past 40 years.  The local chapter has been leading the way in Phoenix for 30 years.  Our mission is strengthen the wealth creating capacity of our members; to promote economic development within the entrepreneurial community.  We create innovative and effective change in the business culture while building strategic alliances and affiliations. We also help to transform public policy and influence decision makers while encouraging more women to take on leadership roles.  I have been on the board of directors of this amazing organization for the past three years.  Currently, I hold the position of Phoenix Past President and am a proud member of the National Board of Directors and co-chair of the President’s Assembly Steering Committee providing support and leadership development to over 120 chapter presidents and president-elects across the United States.  What an honor to be at the forefront of helping women connect and build valuable, successful businesses and lead the way to restoring a healthy economy!




Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) Phoenix https://www.yeausa.org and https://www.yeaphx.org 

 The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is  ground-breaking, cutting edge educational after school program for High School Students wanting to be business owners and CEO’s.  After our inaugural year in 2012 at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix through volunteer women business owners from NAWBO (www.nawbophx.org), since 2013, we have been at Phoenix College and the AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (www.azhcc.com).  I am the proud Program Director that helped bring this about and make sure that this program not only started here in our state, but that it is highly successful in educating and supporting the class of incredible students that are building real, registered, viable businesses before they even graduate from High School.  We are helping change the future of our community and the amazing students that worked hard to get into this program.  Together we are creating the next generation of business owners and community leaders and that is absolutely worth spending time, talent and financial resources on.  Want to know more?  Want to help?  Email me and find out how:  lynda@lyndabishop.com

Girls Rule Foundation https://www.girlsrulefoundation.org

As current board president of Girls Rule Foundation, I could not be more proud of the work this organization is doing to teach leadership skills and promote self-confidence in middle school and high school girls across our nation.   With five signature programs/events and a network of champions, Girls Rule is creating the next generation of Brilliant, Beautiful & Bold Women Leaders!


Women change the world by leading the way (and helping the next generation lead too)!