My Story (and I’m sticking to it)

Everything you wanted to know about me…and stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know….

Who I am & what I believe:    Unapologetically Me.    Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Leader. Speaker. Author. Mentor. Innovator. Champion of Healthy Relationships. Thought and Belief Challenger. Real, enthusiastic, hopeful, creative, strategic, problem solving, curious, determined, ambitious, courageous, compassionate, funny, smart and lovable.

I believe most other people are all of those things too.

People who walk their talk have impact. We are all stronger, smarter and more resilient than most of us think we are.  Nothing teaches quite like experience wrapped with hope and love. Would you like to have more impact?

We don’t create great impact alone. We are stronger, smarter, and better together.

Work hard, but play with just as much enthusiasm.  Laugh often. Enjoy life and all of the experiences that brings.  Have great gratitude for the harder times, pains of the past and the challenges of today. Be present.

Create and support positive, strong, supportive relationships that withstand the tests of life and time. Learn.

Lynda Bishop

For those who have an appreciation for facts more than ideas;  You might care that I hold a masters degree in professional counseling, am a certified empowerment and emotional intelligence coach, have over 20 years of experience in the corporate world as a relationship management expert, trainer, manager, top level executive and CEO.

Women are powerful – especially women leaders who don’t buy into stereotypes and truly lead from the heart and the head.  When we teach women how to truly support and celebrate one another, the entire world benefits.

Relationships matter.  Relationship Insurance (, serving those who want a lifetime of quality relationships of all kinds or who are looking to build a Great Love (pre-marital, pre-commitment, committed and re-committing couples of all ages and orientations).

Emotional Intelligence is critical.  Seeing and understanding others as well as ourselves is a skill that breeds not only strong relationships, but real leadership.

Leaders build more leaders. For the past five years,  as the program director of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy ( in Phoenix, the next generation of leaders has been being developed.  YEA is the only after-school program for High School students in Arizona to mentor them through the idea phase, to business planning, to pitching “Shark Tank” style, to securing funding, to actually launching registered, profitable businesses by the end of the school year. We have launched over 64 businesses fully owned by High School students so far!

Service in our communities makes a difference. As a local and national board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and currently as the program director of the NAWBO Circle; a national program through the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development (a 501 c3), seeing women grow and embrace leadership is my passion.  The NAWBO Circle consists of multi-million dollar women business owners from across the United States and supports them through connections, education and support.

Women’s leadership is needed across the globe.  As one of the original women’s leadership facilitators for the World Academy for the Future of Women and taught internationally in China   ( and as the Advisory Board Chair of the Halsten Enterprise (global effort involving many countries), my focus is on promoting the empowerment of women by advancing their skills and education for a sustainable future with  more women leaders.

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But HOW?: My methods are based in the world of emotional intelligence, servant leadership, compassion, understanding, education, relationship building, creation, personal responsibility and strategic action.  I have both the education and experience to understand the details and still see the big picture.  Just as importantly (if not more so), is my desire to be an agent of positive change in this world and to do that with the many amazing women out there who are ready to get going and take action.  I have a holistic view of addressing experiences of the past, realities of the present and desires for the future; with emphasis on who and how we are in the present.  Conscious, compassionate and strategic action today is what creates the most successful tomorrow. Workshops. One-on-one. Groups. Assessments. Discovery. Action. CHANGE.