A True Hero: Razia Jan

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A True Hero:  Razia Jan

By now you must know that what I am most passionate about is Women Changing the World, right?  You can’t be on this site very long and not get that clue.

I am priviledged to know many amazing, incredibly intelligent, and personally powerful women through the many networks, organizations and friendships that I hold dear.  There is a profound beauty and limitlessness in the women I know – the amazing women who are changing the world.

Here is the story of one that I have not (yet) had the pleasure of meeting, but who has inspired me to reach further and expand again into greater possibilities:

Please meet Razia Jan.  She is one of the top 10 CNN Heroes for 2012.  I hope to see her awarded as the top Hero so that she can further expand her work.

Razia Jan was born in Afghanistan but came to the United States for college.  She became a United States citizen in 1990 and lived in Massachusetts where she owned a dress shop, raised her son, and became involved in supporting her community.  Then the 9-1-1 attacks hit and she was forever changed. 

Razia Jan reached out to those in pain and organized meaningful efforts of support to rescue workers at ground zero and US Troops in Afghanistan.  The Taliban had taken a terrible toll on people alBy l over the world, and after a visit back to Afghanistan, she realized what a horrific change they had created against the women and girls of her birth country.  The Taliban had outlawed edcuation for girls and turned them into nothing more than property; a generation of illiterate slaves.

Razia Jan, against the odds and the threats and the fear, set out to make a difference.  She opened an all-girls school; the Zabuli Education Center.  It wasn’t easy and there are challenges to be faced every day, but she is doing it.  Right now (as you are reading this!), her school is providing safety, supplies, food, clothing, LOVE and EDUCATION to 250 girls.  If she wins the CNN Heroes award, that number will jump to 500 girls.

This is how to change the world.  How do you bring peace and change to a war torn society?  Support and educate the women of that society and change will come from the inside out.  That is the only sustainable change there is.

Please vote today – up to 10 times per email address and Facebook – and vote every day until the contest ends.  Together we can help Razia Jan with her mission to educate girls in Afghanistan and bring change and peace to our world.

Vote here: https://heroes.cnn.com/

Learn more here:

Also here is Razia’s facebook page


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 Razia’s Website


 Sending love, gratitude and admiration to my heroe, Razia Jan!