A Common Thread

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A Common Thread

Finding your purpose and passion seems to be something that many people seem to be looking for (well, those who haven’t found it yet, of course).

I often get asked by clients to help me find theirs.  This is a harder task than helping someone find their lost keys, or a new dress, or the answer to an algebra problem.  Here is the reason: Your passion and purpose can only be discovered, found, seen, and so-by-named by you.  I can have duplicate keys made, I can have a new dress designed, and I can find a math whiz to work the algebra formula…but to find what lights the eternal fire of another human being is truly only possible in that one and only human being who searches for it.

Nothing like taking on an impossible job, right?  I do love a challenge…

So, while I can not look into your eyes and clearly see your answers there, I do have some hints to help you on your search – and I know they can work because I have even used them myself.

First, I look for common threads among the things that I am naturally drawn to.  What causes get me excited?  What do I feel strongly about?  What kind of story makes me cry, or laugh?

Then, I think back to times where I felt completely at home within myself and find what was going on around me then.  Who was with me?  What was I doing?  Where was I?  What was special about that memory?

I imagine what changes might create a better world, a better experience, a happier existence for me or someone or something else.  I let myself feel what it would be like if that change had already taken place.

I catch myself from the voices of self doubt that tell me what is not possible and instead sit without judgment.   I let my curiosity take over and see how I fit into this picture and new scene developing in my mind.

Finally, I gather all of these different things which at first glance look pretty scattered, and then I look for common threads.

Given enough examples and time to let them link together, I start to unravel the sense of purpose and passion that surrounds these possibilities.

Here is what I learned about myself through this exercise:

Service.  I am happiest when in service for the greater good of others.  I enjoy being part of a solution that creates happiness and success for someone else.

Freedom.  I like being the decision maker.  I do not shy away from personal responsibility.  I like having a cause that I am willing to stand up for.

Creativity.  I like to solve problems and create new solutions.  I like trying new things, having new experiences, seeing progress.

So, while my bio (have you been to the about me page? Hey – no laughing!) may appear to some to be overly busy, spread too thin, having too many balls in the air to juggle, I have a different view.  There is a common thread through everything I do.   My life is centered on my expression of my purpose and passion which is to be of service, to find new solutions and lead the charge for a better tomorrow.  Many expressions of the same passion and purpose in a few very important places where I can make a significant and sustainable difference.

What are your common threads that can lead you to your own passion and purpose?