"Compassion, Community, Leadership"

Changing the world, one amazing human at a time.

Lynda Bishop, MPC, CEC

Life Mission; To assist tomorrow's brave leaders all over the world in empowering themselves with the knowledge and tools to grow, succeed and create a better world for all.

Too big, you say? Watch me...or better yet, come with me and be the change too!

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Women Leaders: Why We Need Them; How to Be One!

Learning to be a great leader takes training.  There are countless leadership training...

Laugh Lines of Graceful Distinction

I don’t mean to discount anyone who is wrestling with the aging process or anyone...

Are You Scared Enough?

There is something amazing about working with a highly skilled coach whose focus and...

Mentoring Magic

Mentoring can be the magic bullet to help propel you to the success you are dreaming of but don’t know how to reach on your own. Find a mentor!

Leading through Service

servant leadership students Effective, strong leaders are not what they used to be. ...

Living as Part of the Solution

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” I...

Being Who YOU Are

Current news is full of stark reminders of the temporary and fragile state of everything...

A Common Thread

Finding your purpose and passion seems to be something that many people seem to be...

Running Towards the Explosion

Love is more powerful than hate. This is true everywhere in the world.

April is YOUR Time to GROW!

What if you could spend one short weekend and completely expand the way you see yourself...