Humanity; charity; kindness; caring; empathy.

The first step in changing ourselves and changing the world is to be compassionate; first with ourselves and then with others.  My philosophy on compassion (and most other things) is simple:  Be – Do – Have.

I teach self-compassion workshops and work one-on-one with amazing women who have forgotten how incredible they are.  Together we rediscover their gifts, passion and sense of purpose.  Compassion starts within ourselves and for ourselves.

Please visit my favorite places where compassion is at the heart of the organization.  These are some of the places that I volunteer my time, money and love:


Maricopa County Adolescent Parents Program

Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center

Gabriel’s Angels 


You can also visit my compassion focused community facebook page at:

Women change the world through compassion first with ourselves and then with others.